Structural Quantities

Handle all your structural takeoff needs with ease.


Let your building come to life in 3D and get the structural quantities you need. SOFTScale covers everything from roofing, to flooring, and everything in between. It even allows multiple sheets of the same dimension. Export your quantities to Excel or any spreadsheet and get back to building. 

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Simple Structural Measurements Software


Get your basic structural measurements fast across multiple pages with SOFTScale LT. Lengths, counts, and areas have never been simpler. Create custom measurements specific to your needs. Export quantities to spreadsheets or Excel.

Features Include:
*Separate lengths
*Custom formulas
*Multiple sheets
*And more

Takeoff Software for roof, drywall, joists, carpet tile


Need more in depth structural takeoff quantities? SOFTScale will let you tackle floor tiles, footings, ceiling tiles, roofing, walls, columns, and more. Handle multiple sheets and export your quantities.

Features Include:
*Framed and concrete walls
*Floor and ceiling joists
*Carpet routines
*Rebar and vapor barriers
*Interior quantities
*Roof hips & valleys
*Slabs and footings
*Circular and rectangular columns
*Windows, doors, and counts
*Sheetrock and siding
*And much more!

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